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Monday, May 27


HTML5 Applications made easy on Tizen IVI - Brian Jones, Intel Open Source Technology Center

IVI systems can vary greatly from car to car in both hardware and software. However, almost all IVI systems have a web browser. If you are developing applications for IVI, HTML based applications are becoming an attractive alternative to native. Developers are able to create applications that run on multiple systems without lengthy code re-writes. These applications can even be used on other types of hardware such as phones and tablets, allowing your user experience to flow between devices. As web APIs become more robust, the abilities of web apps are more closely matched to those of native applications. This discussion is aimed at developers who are interested in learning about HTML development on IVI. We will be discussing just how far HTML can take you and demonstrate how quickly you can develop, package, and install web apps using the Tizen IVI tools and platform.


Brian Jones

Software Engineer, Intel
Brian Jones is a Software Engineer working on the ZJS project, which helps bring JavaScript to the IoT space. Since joining the Intel Open Source Technology Center nearly a decade ago, he has been involved in numerous open source projects.

Monday May 27, 2013 1:00pm - 1:50pm


Adding Native Application in Tizen App FW - Dominig ar Foll, Intel

Tizen application framework has been designed around the support of Web Run time applications and EFL application.

In some specific use case other type of Application need to be added.

The presentation will start by explaining how the Tizen 2.1 Application Framework is architecture and will then expand on what needs to be done to add support to Application which are neither based on the Web Run Time (WRT) nor on the EFL framework.

We will detail the requirement for the different facet of the App FW :
- installation/removal
- Launch
- Intel App service declaration and usage
- Signal passing
- Unified system configuration
- Security implication

avatar for Dominig ar Foll

Dominig ar Foll

Lead Software Architect, Intel Open Source
Dominig Ar Foll (Dominique Le Foll) holds a Master degree in Computer Science from the French School ESAT in Paris. He started as a research engineer for ten years before joining the Telecom Industry. Dominig has also won several patents in Europe, US and Asia. He currently works... Read More →

Monday May 27, 2013 2:00pm - 2:50pm


Experiences Developing a Wayland Based IVI HMI - Ossama Othman, Intel

Implementing an IVI human-machine interface involves dealing with issues related to interactions between the user, HMI applications, and the HMI framework itself. This presentation focuses on the graphical side of those issues, and discusses experiences in development of a simple Wayland based HMI display server. Details on IVI HMI Wayland protocol design and the corresponding display server implementation will be presented. This presentation is intended for experienced C/C++ developers with interests in Linux based automotive HMI technology. Ossama Othman is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel, is the Tizen IVI Media & Graphics lead, and has presented at several conferences, including the 2012 Automotive Linux Summit and OMG Real-Time Workshops.


Ossama Othman

Senior Software Engineer, Intel - Open Source Technology Center
Ossama Othman is a Senior Software Engineer at Intel, and has presented at several conferences, including the Automotive Linux Summits, Tizen Developers Conference and OMG Real-Time Workshops.

Monday May 27, 2013 3:30pm - 4:20pm


Vehicle Automation on Tizen: A Case Study - Kevron Rees, Intel

Vehicle automation is a hot topic when discussing the future of IVI. This session discusses how Tizen IVI can be used to do vehicle automation, the API's available, and discuss the results of an actual attempt at experimental vehicle automation. API topics include AMB DBus API and the tizen vehicle web API. Automation topics include proximity-based security, facial recognition, always-on computing, remote access/remote start, vehicle power management, text to speech, and more.


Kevron Rees

Tizen IVI Developer, Intel Corporation
Kevron has been working in automotive open source for 8 years. Kevron currently works at Intel on Tizen IVI and is one of the editors in the W3C automotive business group.

Monday May 27, 2013 4:30pm - 5:20pm
Tuesday, May 28


Tizen IVI Technical Update and how to Leverage Tizen IVI Build Infrastructure - Mikko Ylinen, Intel

The presentation is split into two parts. The first part of the presentation gives a technical update on Tizen IVI. It talks about Tizen IVI architecture and recaps the statuses of various IVI specific subprojects within Tizen. The second part of the presentation talks about how to work with Tizen IVI and how to contribute to the project. In addition, it introduces the key Tizen development tools and best known methods how to use them.



Intel Open Source Technology Center
The Author is the Tizen IVI architect responsible of the IVI OS architecture. His daily activities include technical leadership of Tizen IVI activities and platform development. He has been working with embedded linux platforms since early 2000 (including Maemo, MeeGo). His areas... Read More →

Tuesday May 28, 2013 11:00am - 11:50am
Orchid 5


Leveraging Tizen IVI Platform for Realizing V2X Use Cases - Purnendu Sinha, Samsung

Tizen IVI is a Linux-based open source platform for automotive systems. For V2X-based driver-assistance applications, it is imperative that the underlying SW platform facilitates (1) access to V2X communication data, (2) efficient visualization of the data (e.g. traffic information), and (3) effective human-machine interface for seamless integration. Tizen IVI supports all means of communication like 3G/4G, WLAN, BT and also provides access to in-vehicle network data. We believe that Tizen IVI offers an affordable and rich platform for building advanced driver-assistance applications which utilize V2X-based information. We will discuss how Tizen IVI could support development of classes of V2X applications: (a) Cooperative traffic efficiency, and (b)Cooperative local services. The attendees from automotive industry would gain insights into such applications development on Tizen IVI.


Purnendu Sinha

Samsung R&D Institute India
Dr. Purnendu Sinha is a Group Engineering Manager at Samsung R&D Institute India, Bangalore (SRI-B). He currently leads the activities in Tizen IVI development in Samsung. He has earlier worked with General Motors R&D, Philips Research India, and Concordia University, Montreal. He... Read More →

Tuesday May 28, 2013 2:00pm - 2:50pm
Orchid 5


From Android to Tizen : How to port Tizen OS on an Android Supported Device - Arnaud Dupuis, Genymobile

Mobile phones & IVI platforms now share common components. Actually, the board, the SOC, the different chipsets (GPS, wifi, bluetooth), are common over mobile and IVI platforms. Both Tizen and Android are Linux based operating systems. In this conference, we will see the distance between both OS on a system point of view. We will see how to create a Tizen system for an Android supported platform. We will see the differences at kernel level and how to do the porting without the Android specific patches of the kernel.

avatar for Arnaud Dupuis

Arnaud Dupuis

COO, Genymobile
Anranud is passionate about Open Source. After his Artificial Intelligence Master at Pierre et Marie Curie Unversity in 2005, Arnaud, enter at Uperto as a Java developer. After 4 years, including two on the new Orange carrier internet Box project, he launches the Devoteam Mobility... Read More →

Tuesday May 28, 2013 3:00pm - 3:50pm
Orchid 5


Android for Automotive - Hirotaka Saso, Chleon Automotive Pte. Ltd.
Open architectures offer the industry the ability to deliver customisable platforms in an efficient manner. Learn more on how Chleon is Taking advantage of Android to enable telematics with cloud based services . Find out how to make a standard platform that can be re-packaged and re-used across different OEMs, IVI suppliers and automotive verticals and in different countries to reduce overhead expenditure and appeal to a wide customer base

avatar for Hirotaka Saso

Hirotaka Saso

Country Manager, Japan, Chleon Automotive Pte. Ltd.
Hirotaka Saso is Country Manager at Chleon Automotive Ltd. and responsible for engineering, product and business strategy in Japan.Before joining Chleon Automotive, he was at Nokia heading up activities around open source technologies, Qt and MeeGo.

Tuesday May 28, 2013 4:00pm - 4:50pm
Orchid 5